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The parking station at "Nikos Kazantzakis" airport in Heraklion is opened. For parking reservations call 213 0390 850

Some of the basic services offered by Eparking are the following:

1. Interior and exterior car wash

2. Biological cleaning

3. Tire change

4. Battery change

5. Oil change

6. Enclosed parking 

7. Transfer and pick up from the airport with our own vehicles

8. 24 hours service - 365 days per year

9. Transshipment luggage

10. Closed circuit television for vehicles security

11. Pick up and delivery of your vehicle in the airport

12. Meeting room

13. Lobby

14. Car rental

15. Luggage boxes

16. Luggage scales

17. Luggage machines 

 Benefit from your booking at Eparking and get special prices on these services

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